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Where deliveries can go :

Purchase for deliveries in New Zealand only.   For deliveries outside of New Zealand please email me first  on  to check whether it’s possible.  Please note that I am unable to deliver to the US as I am not FDA Registered as many of my suppliers will not be FDA Registered and never likely to be.

Delivery Charges by Courier for total weight of up to 15kgs:

Auckland by Day - $6.00   Auckland by Night - $8.00   Auckland Rural (RD address) - $10.00   Auckland Waiheke Island & Great Barrier Island - $15.00
Taupo North excluding  Auckland  - $9.00             Taupo North Rural excluding Auckland (RD address) - $14.00  
Taupo South  to Wellington - $10.00                      Taupo South to Wellington Rural (RD address) - $15.00
South Island - $15.00             South Island Rural (RD address) - $20.00
Stewart Island - $15.00          Stewart Island Rural (RD address) - $20.00

Delivery Times :

Auckland – is generally same day or day after.
Taupo North – main centres within this region is same day if order received by 6am that day or next day for the whole region.
Taupo South – next day if order received by 2pm day before.
South Island – about two days
All Rural Addresses – add a further two days.

Delivery by Post :

Please note if you just want to order one or two non-breakable, non-refrigerated products that can easily be sent by mail, then I’m happy to do this e.g. tea, coffee, Mel’s Indian Gourmet Sauce etc.  Please email me first on for me to give you a “by post” cost.  There is a price of $2.80 in the Drinks section which covers the cost of sending 2 x Teas to anywhere in NZ.

Purchase Confirmation:

Each customer will receive a return email confirming their order and I will enclose a confirmation invoice with your order  as well.  All orders $100 or over will not be required to pay a delivery charge and this will show automatically.

Gift Boxes:

All Gift Boxes $100 or over will not be required to pay a delivery charge (and this will show automatically), however if the gift box is below $100, then please apply the appropriate  delivery charge.  Remember to fill out the message that you want sent with your gift box.  There is an opportunity on the website to create your own gift box by selecting your products and selecting the size of the gift box.  Generally large gift boxes require around 12 products, medium gift boxes around 8 and small gift boxes around 4-5 – all dependent on the size of the product selected.

Payment by Credit-card:

If you have any problem with payment,  please contact your bank,  as if you are not a regular purchaser on-line then banks may have more security measures in place for you.  Website accepts Visa & Mastercard only.

Refrigerated Product:

Refrigerated product can be sent to same day or one day delivery destinations out from Auckland.  At the request of some customers, I have sent product further afield and they have arrived in excellent condition as all refrigerated products are sent out in poly bins with frozen gel packs.  But this is entirely at customer’s risk.  Also remember if sending out frozen product and it arrives cold but no longer frozen, then it cannot be re-frozen.

Don’t like ordering online:

If you don’t want to order online, but would prefer to email your order through and make payment directly into Tfanz’s Bank A/c , then that’s fine – just email me on and we can fulfil your order this way.